What’s the Average Salary for a Registered Nurse

Registered nurses (RNs) are the single largest category of healthcare workers in America and hospitals are the single-largest employers of RNs accounting for 60% of the jobs generated. Other employers include private practices, non-profits, companies, federal- and state-government, etc. Self-employed RNs and those working on contract earn better money as compared to those employed elsewhere.

RNs can earn a very useful $25.11 / hour with less than one year of work experience and an average salary of around $54K per annum.

An important factor in deciding the average salaries for this profession is the unremitting demand for qualified RNs. Apart from new job openings, vacancies are continuously created when experienced registered nurses leave a job or graduate to higher responsibilities that come with experience and educational qualification. Registered nurses specializing in managing Out Patient Departments (OPDs) will have better prospects as compared to those working in in-patient environments. This is because of the improvements in treatment procedures which has meant that patients have to spend less time in hospitals. RNs can also find employment as cruise ship nurses and travel nurses – both are well-paying jobs.

Signing bonuses, extra pay for overtime, paid holidays, and hourly wages linked to number of patients managed add to the overall salary. You should consider these factors when choosing jobs and selecting employers. The above-mentioned factors will vary with the state; California being one the best states for those pursuing a nursing vocation. This said, there are salary variations within a state as well. A registered nurse working in San Jose Metropolitan Area will earn more than his compatriot in Napa, California.

RNs with bachelor’s degree enhance their job and salary prospects considerably. Those qualified to work as clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, nurse-midwives, and nurse anesthetists have no problems in gaining employment. RNs working in emergency rooms also earn higher salaries on an average.

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