Scholarships and College Grants for Registered Nurses

Students pursuing an RN certificate program or an LPN-to-RN program are eligible for a number of scholarships and grants from various sources. The federal government is one of the major benefactors and promotes undergraduate nursing students. State government, professional organizations, and foundations committed to promoting learning are other sources of funds for registered nurses. One avenue for financial aid that has become popular of late is funds arranged by online colleges offering programs for registered nurses.

The best source of information on the most appropriate scholarships and grants for you is the college financial aid department. Aid from hospitals may often require you to work with them post completion of the program. Similarly foundations may require membership as an eligibility criteria and a service agreement under which you work in a medically underserved area. One fact often overlooked by nursing students desirous of a scholarship is that they should consciously try and expand their eligibility so as to increase their chances of gaining good financial awards.

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing is a great portal with information on all types of scholarships and grants that registered nurses can apply for.

The Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates offers several scholarships, grants, and awards including the SGNA RN General Education Scholarship which carries a reimbursement amount of $2500 for a student in an accredited nursing program.

Scholarships of the United Daughters of the Confederacy offer a number of scholarships to lineal descendants of Confederate soldiers engaged in pursuing nursing studies. The scholarship is a good example of the many financial aid opportunities that exist with diverse eligibility requirements. You should check these out as you may qualify for quite a few of them and the competition for the monies too might not be that stringent.

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