7 Twitter Users Every Registered Nurse (RN) Should Follow

If you are a practicing or aspiring registered nurse; you owe it to your career and your patients’ well-being that you stay aware of the latest medical breakthroughs and developments in nursing techniques that are of relevance to you. Here is a list of seven twitter users that every registered nurse should follow so that you can benefit from their experience and the various good links they put up on their pages.

1. Harvard Health – The twitter page of Harvard Health Publications. A must read for all healthcare professionals including registered nurses. In fact, if you’re a registered nurse in a hospital or a healthcare center, there is a good chance that the facility subscribes to the very informative online publications from Harvard. Follow the tweets and if something interesting catches your eye, as it often will, you can easily log on and read the complete article on the Harvard Medical School site.

2. Shelley Webb – Shelly Webb is an experienced registered nurse with loads of experience in caring for the elderly and she shares her insight and knowledge through her tweets. She has founded the Eldercare Support Group which aims to educate, empathize with, and encourage all those involved in taking care of senior citizens. Her tweets are from sources all over the net and serve to inform.

3. Carole Eldridge DNP – Her twitter moniker is Nerdnurse and if you are interested in learning about the technological advances and latest gadgets being used in nursing, then feel free to follow Carol. She works with CareTrack Resources, a provider of consultation services to long-term care, assisted living, hospice, and home health companies.

4. Patricia A. Jackson – A registered nurse who shares the wealth of her knowledge on all things health-related. Follow her tweets for interesting tidbits and cool links gathered from all over the net. Patricia is a consultant as well and will guide both patients as well as nurses on medical diagnoses, healthy lifestyles, alternative therapies and much more. So get in touch with her if you wish to make use of her 29 years of nursing experience. The first three minutes are free.

5. Barbara C Phillips – For all registered nurses that aspire to one day become nurse practitioners, follow Barbara’s tweets. Find out about how to prepare for your advancement to being an NP. Barbara is not only an NP but a self-employed one. So if you dream of owning your own business, you can learn the ropes here. Her site is a good place where nurse practitioners can network. Even otherwise there is learning to be had from her tweets as she covers healthcare related topics.

6. Barbara Olson – A nurse with an engineer’s bent of mind and an interest in patient safety. A useful and vast niche to tweet on; patient safety methods and techniques are continuously evolving and nurses can really pick up some useful pointers from Barbara’s tweets on how to best ensure a patient’s safety, best practices, etc. She is an active twitterer and well networked. Her RTs are interesting too.

7. Johns Hopkins – The twitter page of Johns Hopkins, learn all about the happenings at the university. Tweets cover a wide range of subjects. Information for academics, news on medical breakthroughs, breaking news on research being carried out at the university and sundry other healthcare related topics.

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